Physical Therapy

There are essentially two components to physical therapy with this type of surgery, before surgery (prehab) and after surgery (rehab). 

Prior to surgery, I was able to find an excellent physical therapist that was experienced with this type of injury.  Good thing too, as the recovery protocol for this is protracted and requires a specific progression of treatment and exercise.  The physical therapist and I worked for a month prior to surgery, strengthening muscles and stretching tendons in my hip.  I also learned how to walk on crutches.  Believe it or not, it is a learned skill.  The physical therapist stressed I work on my balance a lot before surgery.  That was some of the best advice I received in the whole prehab portion of this, as I spent ALOT of time on my right (good) leg, post op. 

If at all possible, choose your physical therapist carefully, as you will spend far more time with them than everyone else combined. 

I have a great deal of respect for the physical therapy discipline, due to the fact that they not only have to treat the patients physical issues, quite often they have to deal with the associated psychological impacts of the surgery and recovery. 

Addtionally, the physical therapist has to play detective to figure out underlying issues affecting recovery.  At one point in my recovery I noticed that I couldn’t get past a certain point in my exercises without feeling achy and tired.  We went over everything I was doing in my life till we figured out that I needed to adjust my diet to eat more protein.  In addition to physical therapy, the physical therapist can also take on the role of nutritionist as well. 

The physical therapist has a tough job knowing when to push a certain set of exercises and when to back off.  On a couple of occasions during rehab, the physical therapist had to pull back my exercises because I wasn’t ready.  There were also a few occasions when she told me to push something before I wanted to (even though physically I was ready).



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