Care Giver

My caregiver significantly helped with my recovery.  There is absolutely no way that I could have had as quick of a recovery without the assistance I received from my caregiver.

Among other things, the caregiver is absolutely essential to assist with passive exercises for the first few weeks post op. 

My two biggest pastimes have always been running and hiking.  My caregiver worked with me to start the running and walking protocol.  Obviously, going from hiking almost 5 miles to at best a few hundred yards for the next month are going to have a traumatic impact, my caregiver went out and did their own exercise and then came back to work with me as I recovered. 

One thing to keep in mind regarding the caregiver is that they are under stress as well.  They have to deal with all of the activities that the patient used to perform and now they become a part time babysitter for a full grown adult.  Nobody gets a free pass in this deal.

I suggest one build a good deal of credit up with a potential caregiver going into (or coming out 0f) this surgery, because the patient will ask for ALOT in the first few weeks.



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